February 25, 2019

We take a look at Team Liberty Cycling rider Alvin Lee's 213km journey from KL to Ipoh on fixed. Alvin rides the Memphis Street Plus with Rinpoch RC3230 track crankset together with a pair Rinpoch aluminium wheels at the ratio of 49 x 16. 

February 21, 2019

What would life be if we have no courage to attempt anything? To put that in perspective, Neil or more fondly known as Mamak from Team YBC decided to lay that statement to rest by riding a fixed gear from KL to Hatyai and back.

Mamak have chosen the Memphis Street to ac...

February 16, 2019

Not too long ago, there were some online pictures surfaced which purportedly resemble the Merdeka V1 Edition which we launched in August 2018. 

Although the brand logos and colors may seemed a little different, we had to conclude that the overall designs fitted the orig...

February 14, 2019

Harish Danial or more popularly known as Danial Kaiser is no stranger in the biking community in Singapore. Danial rides fixed gears and road bikes and often organized critical mass ride in Singapore via a community named Mega Mass Ride (MMR) which he is affiliated to...

February 2, 2019

The Kuala Lumpur Criterium 2019 organized by the local city council DBKL has gotten many die hard riders itching to race in an open but controlled circuit in Dataran Merdeka. 

It was one of those events which attracted many pros and amateur riders who were ready to...

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