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Why we started this business?

As we all know during last few years, the popularity of fixed gear scene has sky rocketed all thanks to the social medias like facebook, instagram etc and crit races in particular the Red Hook Crit.

As enthusiasts ourselves, the need to buy for specific frame sets, wheels and tons of other accessories in Malaysia back in those days remained in a gloom. While some cyclists got what they wanted through connections from overseas, others would be contended to use second hand parts or parts which were only sold from the bicycle shops which were not specialized in fixed gears. More often than not, enthusiasts find themselves exhausting their resources because parts and framesets do not come cheap.

Approximately 2 years ago, our friends at Fulview Bicycle opened its doors in Kuala Lumpur to cater the needs of the local demand specializing in only fixed gear bikes at an affordable price. In line with the same objectives, we have decided to establish our business to manufacture high quality track bikes at an affordable price to cater the needs of local and foreign demands. Our framesets are 100% designed, handcrafted and painted in Malaysia. We have also partnered with Fulview Bicycle as our official dealer to carry our products. For product enquiries, kindly contact Fulview Bicycle at +6016 590 4117 or email them at for worldwide shipping.

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