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Team GSO 2018 Team Kit and Bike

The modern day fixed gear races and criterium is quite a drive so far and that is why each year it is exciting to see different teams reveal their latest team kits and sponsors at the start of the race season.

With the crit season lining up, Team GSO will be debuting at the Candie Crit with the newly customize Liberty Street S3 RHC Edition alongside with new gears from Miche, Hutchinson Tires, Giro Cycling, new team kit designed by Gobik and support cars from the big boys Renault.

With that being said, Team GSO will also be adding a new female rider Lily Benard to the team. She will also debut in her first ever race with Team GSO in the Candie Crit.

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Merci and Terima Kasih!

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