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The National Moutarde Crit 2018 which was held on the 7th through 8th of July in Dijon, France is a fixed gear race in criterium format carried out in a closed circuit of 1.08 km within the Airport of Dijon Bourgogne which also features an uphill race, kilo and longest lap on the Velodrome of Dijon.

The National Moutarde Crit 2018 website states:-

"that the course is very technical and very physically demanding, the riders will have to demonstrate a perfect mastery of their bike and an incredible agility in turns. No brakes, very fast track, the race is out of the norm! It will sting !!!"

> 1,08 Km

> Finale B : 18 laps – total distance around 19 km

> Finale A : 24 laps – total distance around 26 km

> FINAL WOMEN'S / WOMEN'S RACE : 24 laps - total distance 26 km

> SUPER FINAL : 30 laps – total distance around 32 km

Bonnemayre Bastien was the only rider from Team GSO who race in this event and was able to finish 4th in the Men's Finale A in high spirits.

Hit the link for more pics of Bastien on race day!

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