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If you have been following our Instagram, you will probably notice that the Memphis Team frameset was as a result of our latest collaboration project with the local boys Yellow Bike Company (YBC). YBC has been around in Malaysia's fixed gear scene for quite sometime now and is one of organization which contributed to several fixed gear events in the past and even have their own team of riders today.

As a Malaysian brand, we have always wanted to support the local community scene and that came about when we had the chance to speak to one of their rider Syafiq Rahmat (which happens to be our very good friend) during a video shoot by Prewel Mati at Fulview Bicycle. It didn't take long for us to come up with a plan. We knew it was the right thing to do by having our very first Malaysian fixed gear team on a Malaysian team bike.

The Memphis Team frameset design was based on the YBC's 2018 skin suit design which features the confetti poppers with the exact colorway as the skin suit itself. We had the frames done up in time for both YBC's riders Syafiq and Alkenedy who were expected to race in the Holycrit in Singapore.

Syafiq (Top) and Alkenedy (Bottom) with their respective bikes at Fulview Bicycle during their bike fit session.

On a side note, this colorway Memphis Team frameset is not for sale but if you are interested to get your hands on the Memphis theme design, you can checkout the MEMPHIS STREET PLUS+ which is now available for pre-booking. Details after the jump.

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