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Holycrit Singapore has come a long way since the days in 2013. From street races at night to indoor stadium last year you name it. This year the criterium was held at The Karting Arena, Singapore's most centrally located karting circuit.

We were fortunate enough to have launched the Memphis Team Bike in time with Yellow Bike Company (YBC) which they intended to debut at the Holycrit this year. Riders from Team YBC only have 24 hours of bike fit and did a little testing before heading south for the race.

Team YBC riders from left Syafiq, Apis & Alkenedy at the Holycrit.

Every participants knew that racing in The Karting Arena requires tremendous amount of concentration and skills. There are a lot of corners, slowing down and speeding way up again is part of the game. YBC rider Alkenedy was one of the unlucky ones who crashed in one of the heats. Despite the crash, bruised and torn his skin suits Alkenedy managed to complete the heat and qualified to the finals with team mate Syafiq.

With bandage wrapped around Alkenedy bruised leg, both Alkenedy and Syafiq were determined to work on the best strategy in finals. These two riders have the utmost understanding with each other and with the support of team mate Syafiq coupled with strong course tactics, Alkenedy finished strongly in 3rd position behind wmswestbike rider from Indonesia and Team Mayhem from Malaysia.

Click >> HERE for more highlights footage of Holycrit and plus the interview with the founder of Holycrit by Prewel Mati. Visit our >>Gallery section for more Team YBC pics taken at the event and don't forget to suscribe to our newsletter to stay on course with our latest news, products and event updates.

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