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Here's a detailed look on the Merdeka Edition V1 which was launched in conjunction with Malaysia's 61st Independence Day. The design was inspired from the colors to the stripes of the Malaysian flag.

The Stripes of Glory represents continuous growth of success. White for peace and honesty. Red for strength, bravery and courage. Blue for unity and yellow stands for the royal family of Malaysia.

We have also incorporate this year's "Sayangi Malaysiaku" tagline which means "Loving My Malaysia" at the top tube of the frameset.

Overall the design took us about 2 weeks to complete. The hardest part is making sure that the delicate part of the stripes stays uniform and symmetrical to the next. last but not least, this is for you Malaysia and for all Malaysians. Happy 61st Independence Day again Malaysia "Tanah tumpahnya darah ku".

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