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The first of the 3 Selangor Criterium race were held in Cyberjaya attracted quite a number of riders from different categories to the event. The Selangor Criterium was initiated by Cycling Selangor which features 3 stages of criterium race starting at Cyberjaya moving on to Bukit Jelutong and to Shah Alam. The race is based on point systems and the winner with most points stands a chance to win MYR32,700.00 pool cash prize and mystery prizes. The criterium is open for different categories for men and women including road bikes, MTB and fixed gear.

Team YBC competed in the Fixed Gear category. The Fixed Gear category is an Open category which means riders will be competing with the pros.

Above: Top 3 podium finishers from left Ahmad Aiman Team Wmswestbike Indonesia, Daniel Wong from Team Mayhem and Shafiq Rahmat from Team YBC. All 3 riders went head to head on the last sprint to the finish line. If you look at the timing of these 3 riders, each riders were only separated by 0.01 seconds which explains it was a tight race to the finish line. Order of ranking at the end of the day in 1st place to Ahmad Aiman, 2nd place to Shafiq Rahmat and 3rd place Daniel Wong. Congratulations again to our home boy Shafiq and the rest of the winners!

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