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The Selangor Criterium series ended recently with Syafiq Rahmat from team Yellow Bike Company placing 2nd in the overall Fixed Gear Open cat. The young lad has garnered enough points from the first to the last leg earning him a worthy grand podium finish at Shah Alam recently.

Syafiq has all his mates to thank for in the finals as their tactics paid off to ensure Syafiq made it all to the end to grab that well deserving 2nd place.

Above, the top 3 podium winners were presented with what seemed to be a cash prize in a form of a mock cheques. What the winners soon learned later that those mock cheques were indeed vouchers which were given out by an antique motorcycle company to purchase their bikes worth at about RM25,000-00.

If you are equally surprise of the outcome just as the winners were or if you are not at all, feel free to voice out or comment below.

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