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The Indonesia Fixed Day 2018 (IFD) which was held in JIEXPO Kemayoran recently was nothing short of amazing. Some of the highlights in the IFD includes criterium, trackstand challenge, FGFS challenge, gold sprints, apparels and a wide array of local street food vendors. The event was hosted by a local bike messenger company wmswestbike as part of their effort to promote the fixed gear scene across Indonesia. We were indeed and honored to be one of the main sponsors of IFD which attracted crowds not only from various parts of Indonesia but also Malaysia as well.

Main stage and set ups for the Gold Sprint event. The Gold sprint event was only meant for finalists who have qualified from various qualifications held in Bandung, Surabaya and Jakarta.

One of a few Vendors that were present at IFD TIMBUK 2 who were there to display their collection of messenger bags.

Local coffee brewers to attend to caffein addicts at IFD

Some of the items put up for sale at Yellow Bike Company (YBC) booth.

We flew in to IFD together with team YBC, Fulview Bicycle and our friends from Versussika. YBC featured 4 of their riders in IFD's 27 Criterium event where we stood in as the support team to help set up the bikes for YBC. Each riders will have to go through qualifications heats and only the top 4 will proceed to the final. YBC's rider who made it to the finals were Syafiq, Alkenedy and Naim.

As the guys finished with the qualifiers, we gathered the riders once again, discussed on strategies and possibly new set ups in preparation for the finals. We also learned that among those who have qualified to the finals were 2 Indonesian National riders and (Arga) who won the Selangor Criterium Fixed gear cat recently.

Riders and crews went through final inspections and set up before the criterium finals.

While riders and crews waited for the 27 criterium finale, crowds were also drawn to the FGFS, gold sprints and trackstand challenges. Checkout the official teaser by farawayfromhomeid below.

As the day turned dark, it was finally the event everyone had all been waiting for. All eyes turned to all the riders who made it to the Grand Final. The Finals were also divided into several categories the first being the U-18 category, the women's final and men's final.

As YBC has all 3 riders in the finals, they obviously has an advantage over other riders in terms of team tactics. Unlike the qualifying rounds, the finale started with relatively high pace. All YBC riders took turns at the front at high speed in hopes to wear their opponents down as early as possible. However the 2 Indonesian National riders and Arga wasn't going down without a tough fight.

Arga following closely behind Alkenedy.

The pack started to break as early as after 3 laps whereby it was separated into 2 pelotons. All YBC and top 3 Indonesians riders were all in the first peloton. While riders from the first peloton were trying to wear each other out, tension rose when suddenly one of the Indonesia National rider (as claimed) came in with physical contact (headbutt) with YBC riders. YBC riders were heard shouting back at the rider for riding dangerously. Below are the clips of the incident caught on Naim's camera.

The headbutting continues on for several rounds but we were unsure for how long. As the riders were fast approaching the 27th lap, the first peloton has finally caught up with the 2nd peloton and most riders have started to fatigue at this point.

Above: Naim lead the 1st peloton for many laps before making way for two compatriots to fight for the podium

Syafiq still eyeing for the podium finish and maintained position in the 1st peloton.

As the bell rung for the final lap, it was only a handful of riders left in the 1st peloton. It was a final epic showdown between Syafiq and Alkenedy against the 3 Indonesian riders. All 5 riders were on full gas as they approched the finish line but it was the Indonesian riders who had the upper hand over the final sprints. At last Syafiq and Alkenedy came close from behind the trio to settle for 4th and 5th placing.

U-18 champ with the Liberty S4 while fellow Malaysia Faruq from Versussika came in 3rd.

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