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To usher the beginning of 2019, Yellow Bike Company and Aku Suka Kopi organized one of Malaysia's biggest fixed gear event yet again which took place at the historical city of Melaka.The gathering took place in the heart of world heritage UNESCO site by the famous Melaka River which saw about 120 riders from all of Malaysia participated in the event.

For a very nominal fee, all riders were were eligible to participate in friendly activities on the first day which includes alley cat race, foot down challenge, track stand challenge, longest skid, dinner barbecue session and the screening of a short film by Wmswestbike an Indonesian based messenger company. Winners of every challenges also received goodies by sponsors of the event which includes Versussika Fixed, JBX and so on.

On the second day, the organizers treated the riders with a mass ride around Melaka town and ended with a sweet note by gathering everyone with a massive group photo downtown.

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