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Harish Danial or more popularly known as Danial Kaiser is no stranger in the biking community in Singapore. Danial rides fixed gears and road bikes and often organized critical mass ride in Singapore via a community named Mega Mass Ride (MMR) which he is affiliated to and often race in the Singapore's criterium Holy Crit.

We first met Danial in Jakarta at the Indonesia Fixed Day 2018 and we were highly impressed with his performance in the criterium. Shortly after the race, we emailed Danial and asked if he was willing to join our team to which he replied he agreed. When we presented him with our Liberty Street S2 frame set not long after, he seek our permission to have the color changed at his end. He told us that he has a special affection to red color and that all his bike are some what in red. We have to agree that the make over and set up which goes with the frame set looks ridiculously good.

Last but not least congratulations Danial and welcome to the team!

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