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What would life be if we have no courage to attempt anything? To put that in perspective, Neil or more fondly known as Mamak from Team YBC decided to lay that statement to rest by riding a fixed gear from KL to Hatyai and back.

Mamak have chosen the Memphis Street to accompany him in his adventurous journey up north. 1 way journey to Hatyai Thailand is approximately 450km from KL and although many would think that the distance is not considered to be overly far, Mamak knows most of the obstacles normally comes from the brutal Malaysian weather and road conditions he was about to go through.

Mamak swapped the carbon wheels to low profile aluminium wheels for added comfort. He also brought with him extra tubes in case of punctures and extra tires since he will be riding brakeless. He started his journey from KL with just a mere bag pack and without any saddle bags so as to maintain the bike as light as possible.

When the day gets dark, Mamak will usually sleeps over petrol stations or surau where he has access to showers and will continue his journey the day after early. He also made several stops along the beach, padi fields and some iconic places both in Malaysia and Thailand. We take a look at some of the pictures highlighting his epic journey to the north alongside Malaysia's stunning landscape and places.

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